Of course, there’s nothing like showing off a fresh pedicure in the summer. But for those moments when your nail polish chips, you can count on versatile boots to get you through the day. I know you’re probably thinking, “Boots in the summer?!” But hear me out. What was once only considered a fall and winter essential is quickly becoming a year-round staple, thanks to the latest fashion trends. Just look at recent runway shows and street style looks, and you’ll see models and celebs pairing their favorite maxi dresses with western-inspired boots. We’ve even seen an increase in mini skirt and boot combos, too. On June 15, Sarah Jessica Parker even whipped out a pair of sparkly boots.

And it’s a trend that we all can appreciate, especially since most boots will cost you a pretty penny. But now, you can definitely make sure you get your money’s worth by wearing your favorite styles throughout the summer, too. Ahead, you’ll discover some celebrity-approved boots that’ll work throughout every season.

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